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Located in the east of the Logan Square, the area is primarily residential, with a mix of older single family homes, new builds with edgy architecture, and converted industrial loft spaces.

About Bucktown

Bucktown is mainly composed of single family homes that have been converted into fantastic apartments and lofts. The heart of Bucktown would be the stretch of Damen Avenue from Webster to North Avenue, that runs into Bucktown's southern neighbor, Wicker Park. Bucktown is home to a number of well known restaurants, trendy boutiques, and great bars. In recent years, Bucktown and Wicker Park have become a favorite destination for savvy diners, and the intersection of Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenues has become a gastronomical hub with an equal amount of popular watering holes.

Bucktown got its name around the turn of the century. Immigrants who lived in the area used to keep their goats in the front yards, hence, the name, Bucktown. During the 1950's, Bucktown was the setting for many of Nelson Algren's novels featuring shady characters far from those of respectable society.

During the last twenty years, artists , musicians, actors, and filmmakers have made Bucktown their home. Initially drawn to Bucktown for its cheap rents, the neighborhood eventually transformed into a hip, artsy, thriving community. A number of artists still call Bucktown home. Currently the neighborhood is composed young professionals, struggling artists, and entrepreneurs.

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Where is Bucktown?

North: Fullerton Avenue; East: Chicago River; South: North Avenue; West: Western Avenue
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