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Found your new pad?

We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to. Here’s a condensed list of utility providers and the Urban Abodes Moving Checklist. Everything you need to ensure a smooth relocation!

Moving Guide

Welcome to the Urban Abodes Moving Guide where you will find all of the information that you will need to help plan and perform your move. Since we understand that moving can be a stressful undertaking, our goal is to help you alleviate that burden. Just click on a service or utility type to see a list of available providers.

Renters Insurance
Maxam Assurance Agency
Gas & Electric
Commonwealth Edison
Peoples Gas
Cable & Internet
For Discounted Pricing, please contact Greg Fiaccato at 630/632-1903
For Discounted Pricing, please contact Ryan Schmidt at 312/404-7038
Bus, Train & Travel Info
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Metra Trains
Pace Bus
Regional Transit Authority (RTA)
Yellow Cab
Food, Entertainment & Shopping
Time Out Chicago
Chicago Restaurant Guide
Find Pizza In Your Area
Movie Dates & Times
Chicago Bar Guide
Shopping Guide
Local Government
City Of Chicago
Find Your Alderman
Register to Vote
Chicago Public Schools
Great Schools in Chicago

The Urban Abodes Checklist

The following 10 step process encompasses a common sense approach to moving. This simple move-in checklist is all you should need to ensure a smooth, successful and worry-free move:

  1. Select a moving company at least 30 days in advance and schedule dates for moving out of your current home and into your new home. If you are moving yourself, reserve a truck at least 30 days in advance of your move. If you are transporting valuable items such as jewelry, art, electronics or personal mementos, get appraisals for them and strongly consider transporting them yourself instead of using movers to guarantee their safe transport.
  2. Check your Renter's Insurance policy to insure that your coverage is in place prior to your move. If you do not have Renters Insurance, you should consider obtaining it in order to safeguard against possible damage to or loss of your belongings during the move.
  3. Complete Change-of-Address Forms from the US Postal Service.
  4. Begin packing a few weeks in advance of your move discarding items that you do not want to move or no longer want. Having a garage sale or making a donation to charities might be a viable and worthwhile option. Remember to label boxes in a systematic fashion and pack them securely using bubble wrap or other appropriate products to insure their safe transport.
  5. If you have children, check out the public and private schools in your new neighborhood and register your children.
  6. Notify all of your most important contacts such as friends, family members, banks, insurance companies, subscription offices, credit card companies and the like of your impending move providing them with your new address. A mass email to friends and family will often suffice while the others mentioned above should be personally contacted.
  7. Apply for all applicable licenses and permits that may be required in Chicago. Such items typically include neighborhood parking permits, City of Chicago automobile stickers and State of Illinois License registration and license plates if your automobile is registered in another state. You may also want to locate your new polling place and register to vote in Chicago.
  8. Contact your old utility companies to discontinue service and establish service at your new address. This should be accomplished as soon you have a signed lease from your landlord in order to avoid new connection fees at your new address if your move is a local one.
  9. Contact your moving service or truck rental company two days prior to your move to confirm their services for the date of your move, and most importantly...
  10. Enjoy your new home!

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