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Roscoe Village

Bounded by Addison Street to the north, Belmont Avenue to the south, Ravenswood Avenue to the east and the Chicago River to the west, the community is anchored by Roscoe Street, populated by a combinations of businesses and residents.

About Roscoe Village

This peaceful neighborhood is comprised primarily of post World War II bungalows and two flats dating from the early 1900's. This area caters mostly to working couples and families with a current and growing influx of young professionals. Roscoe Village features a quaint downtown area on Roscoe Avenue from Damen to Western that has a remarkable small town feel, where neighborhood restaurants, bars, boutiques, flower shops and other retail establishments line the street.

On Belmont from Damen to Western is Antique Row, a five block stretch which is known throughout the Midwest as the place to go when seeking antiques. The recent renovation of the defunct Wieboldt's building into condominium lofts together with the Whole Foods supermarket on Ashland Avenue threatens to expand westward the borders of Lakeview. This expansion has dismayed local Roscoe Villagers, who feel that their cozy little neighborhood is no longer a well kept secret.

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Where is Roscoe Village?

North: Addison Avenue; East: Paulina Street; South: Belmont Avenue; West: Western Avenue
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