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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is your fee?
Our service is free to the renter - the landlord pays our fees.
Do you have wheelchair accessible apartments available in Chicago?
Many of our apartments are wheelchair accessible. Please give us a call and we'll check our database.
Isn't it better to rent an apartment with heat included in Chicago? Why would I want to rent an apartment where I have to pay the heat?
You're right that there are many apartments in Chicago that have the heat included. And, sometimes it's a great deal, but not always; as always, there are trade offs:
  • "Heat included" also means that you will probably have to install window air conditioners. If you don't have them, you will likely have to buy one for each bedroom and one for the living room. Depending on the apartment, you might also need one for the kitchen.
  • The heat isn't free - the price of it is built into the rent. Rising energy costs is one of the reasons apartment rents have been going up, especially in heat-included apartments.
  • If the heat is included, it usually means that there will be radiators. Some people love them: a hot towel fresh off the hot radiator is a luxury beyond compare; it is a gentle heat that is more pleasant to many people. Others hate them: they take up room; you can be burned (especially children).
  • "Heat included" often means that you cannot control how hot or cold your apartment is.

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