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Located on the city's North Side and the shore of Lake Michigan on the east, Money Magazine recently named Lake View as number 3 of its top 10 Big-city neighborhoods for its selection of Best Places to Live.

About Lakeview

Lakeview has a history apart from that of Chicago. In 1887, the town of Lakeview was granted a city charter dividing it into seven wards. By 1889, the area had grown so greatly, that a movement began to annex Lakeview to Chicago. After a bitter fight, the Chicago City Council annexed the town in 1889.

Today, Lakeview is comprised of three contiguous areas: East Lakeview, Belmont Harbor and West Lakeview. East Lakeview encompasses the area from Diversey Parkway to Addison and from the Lake Michigan west to Halsted Street. Belmont Harbor is that part of Lakeview immediately surrounding that fabulous harbor. West Lakeview stretches west from Halsted to Ashland Avenue and north from Diversey to Irving.

Perhaps the hottest section of Lakeview is the Southport region from Diversey north to Irving. Stroll down Southport with its European feel as evidenced by the many outdoor cafes and trendy boutiques. Enjoy a classic, independent, or foreign feature at one of Chicago's only remaining old style movie theaters, The Music Box. Shopping in Lakeview is plentiful: the Clark, Belmont and Broadway shopping districts contain a wide variety of stores that accommodate all needs from funky and trendy clothing stores to chic house wares boutiques.

The housing in Lakeview is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. From highrises that dot the lakefront to beautifully restored graystones and brownstones to stunning new construction walkups, Lakeview has it all!

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Where is Lakeview?

North: Irving Park Road; East: Lake Shore Drive; South: Diversey Parkway; West: Ashland Avenue
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