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It’s all about the landlord!

At Urban Abodes, giving our landlords the very best tenants is our main goal. We have built our business one landlord and one apartment at a time. Our marketing services are the most powerful and complete available and consequently they appeal to the very best tenants. Combined, we offer the unparalleled ability to pair the best tenants with your apartments.

Why should you list with Urban Abodes?

Secure Key Tracking System

Your keys are safe with us! KeyTrak stores them in computerized steel locking drawers that allow us to know their precise location at all times. To check out a set of keys, an agent must first utilize KeyTrak’s fingerprint recognition technology to gain access to the system. Once a key is removed from the drawer, a verifiable audit trail is automatically created giving that agent a set period of time with those keys. If the agent exceeds that time limit, an email is generated advising that agent to immediately return the keys. When you desire feedback or wish to know how many times your apartment has been shown, KeyTrak allows us to easily generate a report which itemizes the date, time and name of the agent for each showing allowing us to provide you with useful information that will assist in renting that apartment.

Introducing TheGuarantors

Where an applicant falls minimally short of your standards due to a credit score or minimum salary requirement and can not obtain an acceptable guarantor but would otherwise make a fine tenant, TheGuarantors can help!

TheGuarantors partner with an insurance company who acts as a third party guarantor of all conditions of the residential lease including the payment of rent should a tenant default on any of the lease obligations

Please note that Urban Abodes will only recommend TheGuarantors in very limited situations where such recommendations will produce good and acceptable tenants.

The process is easy and effortless. The applicant fills out a questionnaire and submits the requested documents. TheGuarantors then evaluate the application and make a decision usually within 12-72 hours.

If TheGuarantors decides to write a policy, the applicant pays an insurance premium to bind the policy, and a bond naming the landlord as a beneficiary will be issued. Landlords do not need to change any of their rental policies, procedures or lease documents, and there are no obligations or commitments that bind the landlord. Landlord claims are paid quickly and usually within 3 days.

Jean Marie Mangiola is the Chicago Representative for TheGuarantors. Should you have any questions, Jean Marie can be reached at 917/768-8824.


Urban Abodes always gives me great tenants. Sometimes they even call me to recommend that I reject their applicants when they feel that those individuals are not the right tenants for me.

I strongly urge landlords to use Urban Abodes to rent their apartments!

Barry T Found new tenants through Urban Abodes in 2024

Our Promise

Our Promise to Our Landlords

Our aim has always been to provide our landlords with creditworthy, mature, and responsible tenants. We will never rent an apartment merely to earn a commission. With a family of landlords that now exceeds 5,000, our goal has always been to establish long term relationships focusing on both satisfying the needs and protecting the interests of our landlords.

We built our business one landlord and one apartment rental at a time. Our relationship with our landlords is the very basis of our business, and most importantly, unlike other firms, Urban Abodes does not engage in Dual Agency, the practice where the company represents the interests of both the landlord and the prospective tenant. That practice creates a conflict of interest that often cannot be overcome. We represent only the landlord and make each customer sign a form acknowledging that fact.

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