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This lake-bound northern neighborhood is known for its abundant greenery and recreational facilities, lake-view high rises and ethnic diversity.

About Uptown

The Uptown neighborhood has for decades been a true melting pot comprised of nearly every ethnic group. This cultural diversity adds a special flavor to the area as traditions and ethnic mores are clearly on display on nearly every street corner.

Uptown is also renowned for its social activism. Many groups are present within the neighborhood, and their aim is to improve the daily lives of many disadvantaged and displaced individuals. As with most other Lakefront neighborhoods, Lake Michigan and the park surrounding its shores are alive with activities such as jogging, bike and roller-blading paths, tennis courts and lots of greenery.

The restaurants, bars, delis and shops clearly reflect the aforementioned ethnic diversity, and diners from outside Uptown often venture there to sample the cuisine of distant lands. Today, Uptown is a truly cosmopolitan place.

The housing is Uptown consists mainly of highrises on the lakefront, single family homes on large lots, vintage apartment buildings and a vast array of new construction condominiums, single family home and town homes.

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Where is Uptown?

North: Foster Avenue; East: Lake Michigan; South: Wilson Avenue; West: Ashland Avenue.
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