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Bounded by the river on the south, the Magnificent Mile portion of Michigan Avenue on the west, and Lake Michigan on the north and east, the neighborhood boasts a colorful combination of hotels, restaurants, professional office centers, residential high rises, universities, medical facilities, and cultural venues.

About Streeterville

In 1886, the land east of Michigan Avenue and north of the Chicago River was created when Captain George Wellington Streeter, an adventurer who had outfitted a boat for gunrunning in the south, ran aground in Lake Michigan on a sand bar. He stayed on the boat where it was grounded and convinced city contractors to dump hard fill in the section surrounding his boat. Later he laid claim to this 186 acre tract created and called it the "Free District of Lake Michigan", an independent territory. He survived skirmishes with police until 1918, when he was finally evicted.

Today, the housing in Streeterville consists mainly of highrise rental properties as well as highrise condominiums. Streeterville is the heart of North Michigan Avenue. The Magnificent Mile is world renowned for its shopping. Marshall Fields, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, and Lord and Taylor line Michigan Avenue. Just off of Michigan Avenue is Oak Street, where the shopping continues. Among the world class shopping, luxury hotels and fine restaurants abound in this area as well.

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Where is Streeterville?

North: East Lake Shore Drive; East: Lake Michigan; South: Chicago River; West: Michigan Avenue